Top 10 Latest Indian MLM Companies to Work

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Successful businessmen can only work with the help of proper strategy as well as good advertising network. Today, with the help of the internet the ways of advertising has become really easy. Today people have a scope through which there may not be a proper advertising banners in the area, but will possess an effective marketing with the help of various links in internet.

Indian MLM Cmpanies

Through MLM or multi level marketing, business would grow in every sphere. There are scopes through which people can know about the product as well as the services of the organization which are operating in the market with the help of internet marketing.

Top 10 new network marketing companies


The MLM Company launches the biggest play to earn in the year 2013. 23rd of September is the launching date of the spectacular plan. Many MLM leaders are joining hands with this company to earn vigorously. You can start your business today


This MLM Company was founded in early 2011 with the goal of selling digital products in the market. This includes affiliate system and advertisement through industry websites. The distributors can join this network for free and earn money through the sales of digital products.

4Life Research, LLC

The founders of this MLM Company 4Life Research spent 20 years in exploring the options for nutritional supplements. The couple started the company when they were satisfied about the information they gathered on various nutritional supplements.


This is very new company which is about to be launched in October 2013. It has planned to utilize social media in an effective way to develop a networking field. They have plans to develop their down lines fast. It will primarily concentrate on drink product named Epic Bru.

Lulu Avenue

This is a company with the intention to sell jewelry directly. This MLM Company was established in the year 2011. It has widest collection of pendants and other types of jewelries. Trendy leather wraps and bracelets were also among their collection.


This MLM Company was founded in the year 2013 on March. It is a privately held network marketing company dealing with variety of lifestyle products. You can get benefits on hotel deals, travel through cruise liners, car rental services etc

Sweet Dream Girlz

This company has laid down its foundation stone in the year 2010. As the name suggests, two sisters were involved in launching the company. The company launched natural beauty products for the teen agers. Skin and hair care products are also available.

Cash Unite

It is an MLM organization that utilizes most advanced technology for people to have connection with their friends and relatives around the world. They can also earn money while getting connected to hundreds of people around the world. This is known as peer to peer social revenue system.


This is a social application company with the objective to market smart phone apps. The company use social influence while marketing the smart phone apps. There is a wonderful transparency in the business.

Life shotz

This MLM Company refuses to create more plastic bottles with single use application. It will control the CO2 emission. They are finding their business by presenting environmentally friendly goods in the market.

These are the top 10 latest Indian MLM companies but if you are looking for all time hit companies then you can refer this post & check the details..

People asking about what is MLM, must be informed about its various strategies. The time and energy needed to implement mlm ideas would be worth after it has taken a positive turn to grab the individuals visiting various sites in the market.

Some people have a doubt for whether they can surely make dollars with the help of this technique. It is true that they can absolutely make money with this. If you can read the blogs and reviews of various successful businessmen, it would be possible to get an assurance about the same.

There are various ways through which the possibility of earning in different level would be definitely increased.

If you rank your business after having mlm ideas, you would have a rank among the topper in the business ownership. You can simply compare your earning that you used to have through traditional way of marketing with that of the mlm strategy.

You will also get a good income rise from the latter. MLM marketing is basically a type of marketing practice where people from various levels are allocated to support various products and services. In every business, the most important fact would be to win the faith of various people.

The expectation which people have in you should be lived up by you. You must not only make the assurance about what the customer expect, rather it would be your responsibility to create a firm belief in their hopes and aspiration.

You can also read the success stories to make an analysis of various subdued effects. If you can take a look at the business in particular, you will absolutely find a lot of scopes. The scopes will never be limited for you if you have a proper strategy as well as the will power.

The power of assessing an individual as well as the power of creating a good venture should be always there with you once you are having a good association with abundance of work scopes. This is only possible if you can provide a well ethical business proposal through mlm marketing. People are earning extra money from their down line and network through mlm marketing.


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